30 mai 2024

Crime writers of Canada 2024


LA SAINTE PAIX remporte The Best French Language Crime Book (Fiction and Nonfiction) de Crime Writers of Canada.

Voici comment il est présenté sur le site.

Set in rural Québec, La sainte paix asks the question – How far will an elderly woman go to maintain her peaceful existence on the Mastigouche river? We, the readers, are drawn into Jacqueline’s machinations as she goes to great lengths to protect her “holy peace” from the possibility of bothersome intruders. The main character is drawn with humour and a certain vulnerable tenderness, despite her moral failings. We understand what drives her and, while we sympathise with the well-meaning officers trying to get to the bottom of her crimes, by the end, we too are in cahoots with Jacqueline! La sainte paix is a real page-turner. The novel is well-structured; the dialogue is effective throughout, and the story has flow and a purposeful drive. This is focused storytelling at its best.

C'est la joie!

Un premier prix en littérature adulte, 25 après la parution de mon premier roman noir Accidents de parcours (1999), ce n'est pas non plus un exploit ;-)

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